What is the use of Buchholz relay in transformer?

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This is a transformer that is used to step up and down current. 
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Description : Buchholz relay is  (1) located in the conservator tank  (2) located in the transformer tank itself  (3) connected in the pipe connecting main tank of transformer and conservator  (4) installed in the circuit breaker

Description : Buchholz relay is used as a safety device with respect to which of the following? A) Audio transformers B) Oil filled power transformers C) Air core transformer D) None of these

Description : To prevent mal-operation of differentially connected relay while energizing a transformer, the relay restraining coil is based with  (1) second harmonic current  (2) third harmonic current  (3) fifth harmonic current  (4) seventh harmonic current

Description : What is the use of transformer?

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