what is ideal voltage source?

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every voltage source have their own resistance that is called as internal resistance it is because of the resistance of electrodes and electrolytes in the battery interms of other supplyit have 1 resistance of generating equipments hence there is no ideal voltage source present in universe it means ideal voltage source is this voltage source having internal resistance zero
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Description : The internal resistances of an ideal current source, and an ideal voltage source are, respectively, (A) 0, ∞ (B) ∞, ∞ (C) ∞, 0 (D) 0,0

Description : An ideal voltage source has?

Description : An ideal voltage source should have?

Description : A network contains linear resistors and ideal voltage sources. If values of all the resistors are doubled then the voltage across each resistor will

Description : Consider a circuit with four resistors in series connected to a voltage source. What happens to the voltage across each resistor, if the value of each of the resistors is doubled? A) It will double B) It will remain the same C) It will be halved D) It will become zero

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