Why transmission voltages are high?
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Answer :

Transmission voltage is always higher because of it uses 

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Answer :

If current is high then I2R losses will be more .If I2R losses is more then heat generated is more. By heat or increasing temperature resistance will also be increase which will decrease transmission efficiency. 

Also we know P = V x I

where, P = Power,

           V = voltage,

           I  = current.

By changing the value of voltage and current we can get constant power. By increase the voltage we are decreasing current which is advantageous. That's why transmission voltages is high.

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Description : What is meant by extra high voltage transmission?

Answer : HT & LT  two types transmission in industrial line 

Description : The sending end and receiving end voltages of a three-phase transmission line are 10 kV/ph and 9.5 kV/ph, respectively. If the resistance drop is 150 V/ph and receiving end power factor is 0.8, the sending end power factor is (A) 0.745 lagging (B) 0.775 lagging (C) 0.8 lagging (D) 0.85 lagging

Answer : Vscos¢s-Vrcos¢r=IR

Description : Why high voltage is used in power transmission?

Answer : The primary reason that power is transmitted at high voltages is to increase efficiency. ... The lower current that accompanies high voltage transmissionreduces resistance in the conductors aselectricity flows ... This means that thin, light-weight wires can beused in long-distance transmission.

Description : Most of the high voltage transmission lines in India are (a) underground (b) overhead (c) either of the above (d) none of the above

Answer : (b) overhead

Description : What are the advantages of high voltage transmission?

Answer : Advantages:  1. As Transmission voltage increases, current decreases. 2. As current decreases, cross section of conductor decreases. 3. As cross section of conductor decreases ... line increases  12. As transmission voltage increases power handling capacity of transmission line increases