What are the main parts of a generator?
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Answer :

the main parts of the generator are as follows yoke


Poles field winding

Prime mover 




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Description : List the main parts of D.C. motor

Answer : Main parts of D.C. motor and their functions:  Part Functions Yoke i) Provides mechanical support for poles. ii) Acts as protecting cover for machine. iii) Carries magnetic flux. ... a fixed physical position relative to the stator.  Shaft Used to transfer mechanical power 

Description : What are the parts of AC motor?

Description : What are the main electrical equipment used in HPS ? State the function of each parts of it in brief. 

Answer : Following Main Electrical Equipment used in HPS & their function: 1. Alternator 2. Exciter 3. Transformer 4. Switchgear   Function :  1) Alternator:- Alternator is coupled to ... part from the healthy section. It contains circuit breaker, relays, switches and other control devices.  

Answer : In split phase motor main winding is of thick wire placed at the bottom of the slots.

Description : State at least one function and the material used for the following parts of DC Motor.

Answer : Part Function Material Yoke -Provides mechanical support for poles -Acts as protecting cover for machine -Provides path for magnetic flux Cast Iron OR Cast Steel Field Winding - ... Pole core  Provides mechanical support to field winding. Cast Iron OR Cast Steel