why the electrical appliances are connected in parallel ?

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To providing equal voltage rating to all equipment.
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If the appliances connected in series if one of the appliances fails to work other appliances also doesn't work because the current doesn't flow in the appliances.so ,we connect appliances in parallel that if any one of the appliances fails to work it doesn't effect other appliances .
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Description : Electrical appliances are not connected in series, because :  a) Power loss is more b) Series circuit is complicated c) Appliances have different current rating d) None of these

Description : if the resistance is connected in parallel the total resistance decreases why?

Description : Ozone in the upper atmosphere is produced from: w) lightning x) photochemical reactions y) electrical appliances on Earth z) model fractals

Description : Safety fuse wire used in domestic electrical appliances is made of metal of low (1) Resistance (2) Melting point (3) Specific gravity (4) Conductance

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