What is meant by embedded Linux?

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Linux is the operating system if we use this operating system in embedded system devices then it is known as embedded Linux. Linux is open source and free.
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Description : In relation to embedded Linux how TCP/IP networking is done? Explain network configuration.

Description : List and explain the various functions supported by Linux/RTLinux.

Answer : Various functions of RTLinux is as follows: Interrupt handling functions

Description : What are the advantages of using Linux?

Answer : Advantages of Linux are as follows :Linux is open source and free.Linux Is multiuser and multitasking operating system.Linux is the stable operating system.Linux is reliable.Linux can be modify according to requirements.Linux is the secure operating system.

Description : Linux Kernel Architecture

Answer : Linux Kernel Architecture: The kernel is a layer between Linux OS and hardware. When Linux is running in main memory it is divided into two parts one is user space and second is kernel space. 1.User Space 2.Kernel Space

Description : Draw the block diagram of an embedded system and describe the hardware units of an embedded system.

Answer : OR Explanation: The embedded system consist of different components embedded into it as follows: 1) Embedded Processor 2) Power supply , reset and Oscillator circuits 3) System timers 4) ... to store data and program. Following are types of memories used in embedded system.

Description : Is an Arduino an embedded system?

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Answer : Various features of Linux that are used in embedded systems are as follows : Linux is multiuser operating system. Linux is open source and free. Linux can be ... Linux supports handling of errors. Real-time Linux supports the group scheduling functions.

Description :

Answer : Linux Kernel Architecture

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Answer : Common computation models: Sequential program model Statements, rules for composing statements, semantics for executing them Communicating process model ... Object-oriented model For breaking complex software into simpler, well-defined pieces

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Answer : Liquid Crystal Display:-An LCD is a low-cost, low power device capable of displaying text and images. LCD's are extremely common in embedded systems since such system often does not have video monitors ... toggles the enables bit and acts as a delay so that the command can be processed and executed.

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Answer : A semaphore is called binary semaphore when its value is 0, it is assumed that it has been taken (or accepted) & when its value is 1, it is assumed that it has been released & no ... that are not themselves reentrant.3. A reentrant function may does not use the hardware in a nonatomic way.

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Answer : The main characteristics of an embedded system are:1. Single functioned2. Tightly constrained3. Reactive and real time1. Single functioned:An embedded system usually executes a specific program repeatedly.Ex. Pager ... computer user. But it doesn't result in a system failure.Ex. Digital camera chip

Description : Define embedded system.

Answer : An embedded system is nearly any computing system other than a desktop computer. Embedded systems are hard to define because they cover such a broad range of electronic devices. It has three main components: 1. Hardware 2. Main application software 3. Real time operating system

Description : The output generated by the LINUX command : $ seq 1 2 10 will be (A) 1 2 10 (B) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (C) 1 3 5 7 9 (D) 1 5 10

Answer : (C) 1 3 5 7 9

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Answer : A belief network is a graph in which the following holds  A set of random variables  A set of directive links or arrows connects pairs of nodes.  The conditional probability table for each node  The graph has no directed cycl

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Answer : Ans: Pollen gains that form single pollen tube are monosiphonous. Ex: Solanum. Which form more than one pollen tubes are Polysiphonous. Ex: Malvaceae, Cucurbitaceae 

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Answer : Ans: Any biological membrane with bimolecular lipid zone surrounded by monomolecular protein zones is called as unit membrane by Robertson. Its thickness is 75A0 .  

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Answer : Ans: Apposition is increase in thickness of the cell wall due to deposition of cellulose fibrils one upon the other to form the frame work. Intussusception is increase in the area of the cell wall due to deposition of non-cellulose cell wall materials between cellulose fibrils. 

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Answer : Closing error: The distance by which the traverse fails to close is called closing error. Step 1 ) Draw a horizontal line AA1 Equal to the length of perimeter of the traverse to a suitable scale 1) Mark ... 6) Join the the new points which gives the closed traversed. A, B, C,D and A.

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Answer : Surface ignition: Surface ignition is the ignition of the fuel-air mixture by a hot spot on the combustion chamber walls such as on overheated valve or spark plug or glowing combustion Chamber ... and start propagates across the chamber in an analogous manner to what occurs in normal knock.

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Answer : D) All the above 

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Answer : (B) Stipulative definition

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Answer : Appreciation in the money value of assets

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Answer : Sun shining in the polar circle for long time

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Answer : Sensitivity list: Every concurrent statement has a sensitivity list. Statements are executed only when there is an event or signal in the sensitivity list, otherwise they are suspended. Ex. F

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Answer : Energy Meter Constant  A fixed value which is used when converting meter readings to actual energy use, especially when potential transformers and similar types of equipment are used in metering. For example, K=--------rev/Kwh

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Answer : Module 3 : MAGNETIC FIELD Lecture 15 : Biot- Savarts' Law Objectives In this lecture you will learn the following Study Biot-Savart's law Calculate magnetic field of induction due to some simple ... other circuit. NPTEL Distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike - CC BY-SA.

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Description : What is meant by resonance?

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Answer : What is meant by devoted computer ____.  a) Which uses only one kind of software b) Which is used by only one person c) Which is assigned with only one task d) No such type of computers are available

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Answer : The point at which SCR is triggered is known as firings angle of thyristor.

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What is meant by pinch off voltage in MOSFET?

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