what is insulator ?
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Answer :

insulator do not allow the flow electricity. rubber, plastic , dry wood , glass etc are the insulators 

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Answer :

An insulator in any material that prohibits or does not conduct flow of electricity. 

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Answer :

A material that does not allow the flow of current or heat.

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Description : What is difference between Conductor and insulator ?

Answer : Conductor is a material that offers no resistance to the flow of current, while an insulator is a material that offers total resistance to the flows of current, It doesn't allowed any flows of current.

Description : What is another name for an insulator?

Answer : Dielectric material is another name for an insulator.

Description : How does the resistance of a conductor compare to that of an insulator?

Answer : The resistance of a conductor can be significantly lower than the resistance of an insulator, depending on each material's atomic properties.

Description : What is the difference between an insulator and a dielectric?

Answer : Dielectric is the another name for insulator.

Description : State functions of ; i) Cable box ii) Guard wire iii) Shackle insulator iv) Stay wire used in service connection

Answer : i) Function of Cable box: To hold and inspect incoming and outgoing terminals  ii) Function of Guard wire : A grounded conductor placed beneath an overhead transmission line in order to ground ... in service connection: To give mechanical Support to pole, line and prevent leakage current if any