What is the formula for reactive power?
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Answer :

Reactive power is denoted by letter "Q". 

Q = I2X

The unit of reactive power is Volt-Ampere-reactive (VAR).

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Answer :

The formula for reactive power is,

Reactive power = VI sin (phi)
The unit of reactive power is VAR ( Volt ampere reactive). The reactive power is denoted by 'Q'.

The formula for real power is,
Real power = VI cos (phi)
The unit of real power is watts. The real power is denoted by 'P'.
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Description : what are the importance of reactive power?

Answer : Importance of Reactive Power  Voltage level control is important In power system. Varying reactive power will vary voltage level. Reactive power is directly proportional to ... power for useful work. Reactive power is required to generate magnetic flux.

Description : Explain the term reactive power. Why it is sometimes essential to measure reactive power?

Answer : Reactive power: The reactive power (Q) is defined as the product of voltage(V), current (I) and sine of angle between voltage(V) and current( I) Therefore Reactive power Q = V I ... power so that corrective measures can be taken accordingly to maintain systems power factor near to the unity.

Description : List any two methods of reactive power measurement in 3 phase circuit.

Answer : Methods of reactive power measurement in 3 phase circuit: (i) Two single phase wattmeter method (ii) One single phase wattmeter method

Description : The reactive power transfer over a line mainly depends on

Answer : The reactive power transfer over a line mainly depends on lVsl- lVRl

Description : Use Voltmeter, ammeter, wattmeter to determine active, reactive and apparent power consumed in given R-L series circuit, draw phasor diagram.

Answer : Practical Significance In the industry environment Electrical Engineering diploma graduate are expected to measure basic parameters like voltage, frequency, time period etc. for R-L series circuits. Therefore ... /varying L. 7. Draw the phasor diagram for each of reading for verification.