What is an inverter gate?

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Answer :

Not gate is known as inverter gate as it inverts the I/P

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Description : What is the purpose of a NAND gate?

Answer : Nand gate has 2 inputs and only 1 output and it is equivalent of an and gate. The output of a nand gate is high(1) only when anyone or both inputs are low(0).and the output of nand gate is low(0) only when both the inputs are high(1).nand gate is also called as universal gate.

Description : What does the AND gate do?

Answer : AND gate multiple two inputs. If any one input is zero output will be zero if both inputs are one then only output is one.

Description : The direction of rotation of an inverter fed 3-phase ac motor is reversed by (A) a mechanical reversing switch (B) reversing the input dc link voltage (C) operating the inverter as a rectifier (D) changing the sequence of switching

Answer : The direction of rotation of an inverter fed 3-phase ac motor is reversed by changing the sequence of switching

Description : What is means inverter topology and  name different inverter typologies?

Answer : Topology is the circuit arrangement. Generally 6 IGBT's for an inverter, all switching at high frequency to chop DC into AC. Most often used as a power supply or to control a motor but also as the power converter in a solar system as mentioned already.

Description : Draw CMOS inverter characteristic and explain it.

Answer : Characteristics: The characteristics of CMOS inverter depend on the charging and discharging of the load capacitance CL through the PMOS and NMOS transistors respectively. The finite time taken for this charging ... pass from input to output High-to-low delay (tdf) Low-to-high delay (tdr)

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