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State field methods of compactions. Explain suitability of various compaction equipments. 
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Field methods of compactions:

1. Compaction by rolling

2. Compaction by ramming

3. Compaction by tamping

4. Compaction by vibration

Suitability of various compaction equipments. 1. Smooth wheel roller: It is suitable only for fine grained cohesive soil i.e. black cotton soil used for plinth filling, earthen dam, abutment of bridge, etc. 2. Sheep foot roller: These rollers are best suitable for compaction of cohesion less soils i.e. sandy soils used for sub grade or base course of road pavement. 3. Pneumatic tyred roller: Pneumatic tyred rollers are effective for compacting both cohesive as well as cohesion less soils. It is useful for mega projects of road, dam and bridge sites. 4. Rammer: Dropping weight type, internal combustion type and pneumatic type rammers are used to compact all types of soil used for light to medium structure i.e. for plinth filling, PCC etc. 5. Tamping rod: Tamping rod is used to compact coarse grained cohesion less soils of lesser thickness for less important construction work. 6. Vibratory compactor: Dropping weight type and pulsating hydraulic type vibrators compacts soil particles of sub grades and base course of both flexible and rigid pavement. It is also suitable for compacting granular soils with no fines.
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