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State two civil engineering situations where knowledge of geotechnical engineering is used. 
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Civil engineering situations where knowledge of Geo-Technical Engineering (GTE) is used: 1. Geo-Technical Engineering knowledge is required to find most suitable site for proposed construction work. 2. GTE knowledge is also useful to find the suitability of available soil for planned construction activity. 3. GTE knowledge is useful to design and construction of foundation for various structures like building by knowing bearing capacity, shear strength of soil. 4. It is also helpful for design and construction of pavement for various roads by knowing properties sub grade soil, pavement layers like compaction, bulk and dry density etc. 5. GTE concepts are essential to design and construction of earth retaining structures i.e. retaining wall, sheet pile by studying earth pressure theory. 6. GTE theories are beneficial in design and construction of water retaining structures i.e. dam, weir etc. by determining permeability, shear strength etc. 7. GTE test procedures are necessary in design and construction of abutments of bridge by testing shears strength, earth pressure etc. 8. It plays vital role in design construction of underground structures i.e. pipeline, tunnels etc. by knowing soil erosion, slope stability.
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