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 Explain field applications of geotechnical engineering.
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Field applications of Geotechnical Engineering:

1. Design of foundation for various civil structures: As foundation resting on soil carries load of any particular structure, geotechnical engineering is applicable to design such stable foundations for various loads. 2. Design of pavement for various types of roads: Layers of pavement made up of sand, gravel is laid on sub grade soil can be designed in terms of thickness, load carrying capacity using geotechnical engineering. 3. Design of earth retaining structures: Geotechnical engineering is also applicable to design and construct earth retaining structures like retaining wall and sheet pile useful for hill roads, landslides. 4. Design of water retaining structures: Geotechnical is very much applicable for easy and safe design and execution and maintenance of earthen dam, weir, barrage etc. 5. Design of underground structures: Underground pipelines i.e. water supply and sewage lines require geotechnical engineers for effective work. It is also significant in safe excavation of proposed alignment. 
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