which device converts sound to electricity ?
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Answer :

Microphone converts sound to electricity.
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Description : Which part of human ear converts sound vibrations into electric signals. a)hammer b)stirrup c)tympanic membrane d)cochlea

Answer : d)cochlea

Description : Which characteristic is this? We can distinguish between sound having same pitch and loudness. a)tone b)note c)pitch d)timbre

Answer : d)timbre

Description : Loud sound can travel a larger distance due to a)higher amplitude b)higher energy c)higher frequency d)high speed

Answer : a)higher amplitude

Description : Speed of sound depends upon a) temperature of medium b)pressure of medium c)temperature of source producing sound d)temperature and pressure of medium

Description : To hear distinct echo each time interval between original sound and reflected sound must be a)0.2sec b)1sec c)2sec d)0.1sec

Answer : d)0.1sec