What is the meaning of RMS value?
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Answer :

RMS value or Root Mean Square value is defined as the steady value of an alernating waveform. The RMS value makes it more easy to compare an alternating waveform with the steady waveform.
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Answer :

RMS value means root mean square value. It is 0.707 times peak value of voltage or current. The ammeter and voltmeter records this rms value. RMS value for sine wave is more than average value. RMS value is also called effective value. 

RMS value of AC is given by DC which is flowing through a resistance for a given time and producing same amount of heat as produce by AC when AC is flowing through the same resistance for same time.
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Description : Define : i) Average value ii) RMS value of an AC Wave.

Answer : i) Average value: The average value is defined as the average of all instantaneous values during one alternation . That is, the ratio of the sum of all considered instantaneous values to the ... as produced by the alternating current when flowing through the same resistance for the same time.

Description : RMS value formula

Answer : RMS value formula

Description : Define RMS value.

Answer : RMS Value of Sinusoidal AC Waveform: The RMS value is the Root Mean Square value. It is defined as the square root of the mean value of the squares of the alternating quantity over one cycle ... power or heat as is produced by the alternating current during the same time under the same conditions.

Description : The equation of 50 Hz current sine wave having r.m.s. value of 60 A is?

Answer : (60*√2)Sin(2π*50*t)

Description : The r.m.s. value of pure cosine function is?

Answer : 0.707 of peak value