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What is the use of laser diode?

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1 Answer

Answer :

laser diodes are use in telecommunication, rangefinders, barcode readers etc.

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Description : Explain the operating principle of LASER and list applications of LASER diode.

Last Answer : A basic construction of Laser diode is as shown . A PN junction is formed by two layers of doped gallium arsenide. There is highly reflective surface at one end of PN junction and ... 6. laser scanning and light beam illumination. 7. Military applications 8. Medical surgery 9.Diamond cutting

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Last Answer : How to Use a Laser Level Compared to the ordinary level, a laser level is more efficient and easier to use. It projects a laser beam forward, making sure the measurements for the project you ... quicker and more efficiently. Just remember these steps and tips when you're working with this tool.

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Last Answer : Schottky diode are use in SMPS, Sample and hold circuits and voltage clamping etc.

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Last Answer : Fast recovery diode are used in high frequency rectification. Fast recovery diode also used for freewheeling. Fast recovery diode also used for DC to DC converter.

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Last Answer : Diode is a device which allows the flow of current in one direction and blocks the current in opposite direction.

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