what is integrated circuit ?

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The integrated circuit is the semiconductor chip which has lots of small size resistors, capacitors, and transistors. There are so many applications of the integrated circuit. The different Integrated circuit has different functions. There are two types of integrated circuit one is analog or linear and second is digital.
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Description : What is IC 555?

Answer : Ic 555 is timer used for indicating time intervals which is settled in ic 

Description : What is IC 741?

Description : What is the full form of IC?

Answer : Instrument circuit

Description : Give different types of IC.

Answer : 1. Analog IC 2. Digital IC 3. Thin and thick film ICs 4. Monolithic ICs 5. Hybrid or multichip ICs

Description : Describe the functional pin diagram of regulator IC 78XX and 79XX.

Answer : IC 78XX: Explanation: 78XX series of IC regulators is representative of three terminal devices that are available with several fixed positive output voltages. It has three terminals labeled ... can also use 25μF aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Values given may be increased without limit. 

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