Transformer generally rated in KVA

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Copper losses ( I²R)depends on Current which passing through transformer winding while Iron Losses or Core Losses or Insulation Losses depends on Voltage. That's why the Transformer Rating may be expressed in kVA,Not in kW.
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The power of transformer is apparent power because it has no power factor and it is the product of voltage and current.
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Description : Why Transformer rating is given in kVA?

Description : The kVA rating of Three-phase transformer with Voltage = 200V and Current = 100A will be :  (A) 34.64 kVA (B) 75 kVA (C) 20 kVA (D) None of the above

Description : Define kVA rating of transformer.

Description : The rating of transformer may be expressed in ____________.  (A) kVAR (B) kW (C) kVA (D) Horse power

Description : A 40 kVA transformer has a core loss of 400 W and a full load copper loss of 800 W. The proportion of full load at maximum efficiency is

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