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Objectives of shunt compensation

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Answer :

Objectives of shunt compensation

•Shunt compensation is use to improve power factor.

•In Shunt compensation FACTS are connected in parallel with power system and works like a controllable current source.

•There are two types of shunt compensation.

•If the inductive load is connected the lagging load current flows to compensate this shunt capacitor is used.

•And if the capacitive load is connected the leading load current flows to compensate this shunt inductor is use.

•If the power system is lightly loaded then fixed or switched shunt reactor is use for maintaining voltage level.

•And if the power system is heavily loaded then fixed or switched shunt capacitor is use for maintaining voltage level.

•The objective of using shunt compensator is to increase the transmittable power, Increase transient stability, Increase system stability, reduce loss.

•VAR compensator is use for voltage regulation, Dynamic voltage control and damp power oscillation.

•Examples of shunt compensation is STATCOM and SVC.
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