what are the disadvantages of thyristor?
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Answer :

It require exta trigger ckt
In dc it is forced commutated,so xtraa ckt is required
It require R-C shunt for protection during switching
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Thyristor has high switching losses that's y it is not used in choppers (fixed DC to variable DC)

Answer :

    Disadvantages of thyristor
  • The silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is unidirectional devices, so it can control power only in DC power during positive half cycle of AC supply. Thus only DC power is controlled with the help of SCR.
  • In AC circuit, it needs to be turned on each cycle.
  • It cannot be used at higher frequencies.
  • The gate current cannot be negative
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Answer : The point at which SCR is triggered is known as firings angle of thyristor.

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