what is conductor ?

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The object through which current can pass
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Conductor is the object that helps to pass the current

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Description : What is difference between Conductor and insulator ?

Answer : Conductor is a material that offers no resistance to the flow of current, while an insulator is a material that offers total resistance to the flows of current, It doesn't allowed any flows of current.

Description : What is the difference between a cable and a conductor?

Description : In a metal conductor, what is a free electron?

Answer :  When many atoms are close together in a copper wire, the outermost orbital electron of each copper atom can easily break free from its home or parent atom. These electrons then can migrate easily ... random. Such electrons that can move freely from one atom to the next are called free electrons.

Description : Explain the suitability of aluminium as an electrical conductor with respect to its mechanical and electrical properties. 

Answer : Following are requirements of conductor:- i) High conductivity :  Material should have high conductivity, So that * cross section of conductor (size) reduces, * Copper losses reduces, * So Efficiency ... . Boiling point is 1820°C 9. Specific gravity is 2.7 10. High resistance to corrosion. 

Description : State properties of conductor material used for overhead conductor. 

Answer : Following are the properties of conductor material:-   1. High conductivity :- Material should have high conductivity 2. High mechanical strength:- Material should have sufficiently high mechanical strength ... available & less costly. 9. Scrap Value: - Material should have high scrap value. 

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