How many insulator disc used for 33 kV transmission voltage line?

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5,As 33kv is Vrms
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Description : The number of insulator discs (each rated 11 kV) required in a suspension type insulator string of 220 kV line is 

Description : A transmission line has 1 P.0 impedance on a base of 11 KV, 100 MVA. On a base of 55 KV. it will have a P.0 impedance of

Description : In a transmission line if booster transformers are to be used, preferred location will be  (A) At the receiving end (B) At the sending end (C) At the intermediate point (D) Anywhere in the line 

Description : The sending end and receiving end voltages of a three-phase transmission line are 10 kV/ph and 9.5 kV/ph, respectively. If the resistance drop is 150 V/ph and receiving end power factor is 0.8, the sending end power factor is (A) 0.745 lagging (B) 0.775 lagging (C) 0.8 lagging (D) 0.85 lagging

Description : Stability of a transmission line can be increased by

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