what are the three different types of Electric power?

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Real,reactive,apparent power
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Answer : To protect most of the electrical equipment handling low power, the types of relays used are thermocouple, electronic and bimetallic.

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Description : What are the types of power losses in inductor?

Answer : Copper losses, Eddy current loss, and hysteresis loss are the types of power losses in inductor.

Description : "Hydro electric power station are not perennial power station". Justify.

Answer : Justification: The water utilized by the hydro power plants comes mostly from storage dams/reservoirs which get filled up during the monsoon rainy season. Such reservoirs are utilized for supplying ... are important. Hence "Hydro electric power stations are not perennial power station" 

Description : State elements of diesel electric power plant with their functions. 

Answer : Elements of Diesel Power Plant with their function):   1) Diesel Engine: - This is the main component of the P.P. which develops mechanical power. 2) Engine air intake system: - Air ... fuel as per requirement. 10) Alternator: - Its function is to convert mechanical power into electrical power.

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