What is Cathode ray tube ?

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Cathode Ray tube is a Vacuum tube found in an oscilloscope that contains x and y plates amongst other components used to direct the electrons produced by the electron gun creating a waveform or a line on the screen.
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CRT or Cathode ray tube consists of cathode, control grid, accelerating anode, focusing electrode, horizontal deflection plates, vertical deflection plates and phosphor coated screen. Cathode and control grid produce a beam of electrons. Accelerating anode accelerate the electron beam. Horizontal deflection plates move the electron beam in horizontal direction. Vertical deflection plates move the electron beam in vertical direction.
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Cathode ray tube (CRT) is a vacuum tube using cathode rays to generate a picture on a fluorescent screen. These cathode rays are in fact the electron beam deflected and modulated, which impinges on a phosphor screen to generate a picture according to a repetitive pattern refreshed at a frequency usually between 25 and 72 Hz. (CRT) Vacuum tube used to display data in a visual form. Picture tube of a television or computer terminal.
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Description : The time base signal in Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) is  (1) A square wave signal (2) A sawtooth signal (3) A triangular wave signal (4) A sinusoidal signal

Answer : 2 Saw tooth 

Description : Draw full bridge & half bridge configuration with common cathode.

Answer : Half Bridge Configuration: Full Bridge Configuration: 

Description : Which is the positive terminal anode or cathode?

Answer : Anode is positive terminal and cathode is negative terminal.

Description : What is the difference between an anode and a cathode?

Answer : The anode is positively charged electrode and the cathode is negatively charged electrode.

Description : Which of the following is a cold cathode lamp ?  (A) Mercury vapour lamp (C) Incandescent lamp (B) Sodium vapour lamp (D) Neon lamp

Answer : Which of the following is a cold cathode lamp ?  (A) Mercury vapour lamp (C) Incandescent lamp (B) Sodium vapour lamp (D) Neon lamp

Description : Do electrons flow from the anode to the cathode?

Answer : electrons flow from cathode to anode because the electron has a negative charge and repels from the negatively charged cathode whilst also attracting to the positively charged anode.

Description : what is vacuum tube?

Answer : A vacuum tube is a tube with no air particles.

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Answer : Construction and working : C type bourdon tube is made up of an elliptically flattened tube bent in such a way as to produce the C' shape as shown in the figure. One end (free ... displacement can be indication of applied pressure. Accuracy of this element is higher than C' type element.

Description : Draw Bourdon tube with LVDT setup for pressure measurement.

Answer : Bourdon tube with LVDT setup for pressure measurement.

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Answer : Neon sign tube: The construction & circuit diagram for neon tube is as shown in fig. Basically neon tube is used for advertisement or decoration purpose. The maximum length of tube is ... the HT transformer must be earthed separately. * Caution notice of danger board is required.

Description : Draw the wiring diagram of fluorescent tube. Explain the working of choke and starter. 

Answer : Fluorescent lamp:- Operation:- When switch is ON current flows through the choke-filament no1- starter-filament no. 2- to neutral, At that time choke induces high voltage which is applied to ... at the time of starting. ii) Starter: To make and break the circuit to start the tube. 

Description : Draw the constructional detail of C type bourdon tube and explain its working. 

Answer : Explanation : The C-shaped Bourdon tube has a hollow, elliptical cross section. It is closed at one end and is connected to the fluid pressure at the other end. When pressure is applied, ... the maximum operating pressure of the system or portion of the system in which the gauge is installed. 

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Answer : Fire Tube boiler Water Tube boiler In fire tube boilers hot gases are passed through the tubes and water surrounds these tubes. In these boilers water is inside the tubes and hot gases are ... risk of explosion due to low pressure. Risk of explosion is more due to high pressure.

Description : The pressure and velocity at the throat of a Venturi tube, measuring the flow of a liquid, are related to the upstream pressure and velocity, respectively, as follows: (A) Pressure is lower but ... velocity is lower (C) Both pressure and velocity are lower (D) Pressure and velocity are identical

Answer : The pressure and velocity at the throat of a Venturi tube, measuring the flow of a liquid, are related to the upstream pressure and velocity, respectively, as follows: (A) Pressure is lower but ... lower (C) Both pressure and velocity are lower (D) Pressure and velocity are identical

Description : Which one among the following is not an electromagnetic wave? (1) X-Ray (2) R-Ray (3) Cathode Ray (4) Infrared Ray

Answer : Cathode Ray

Description : The waveform of a certain signal can be studied by (1) Spectrometer (2) Cathode ray oscilloscope (3) p – n junction diode (4) Sonometer

Answer : Sonometer

Description : A high voltage applied to a gas discharge tube containing neon gas at very low pressure causes a current to flow through the tube. Which one of the following are the particles that flow towards the ... Are they w) electrons x) protons y) negatively charged neon ions z) positively charged neon ions


Description : Explain construction and working of Coolidge tube for production of X-ray.

Answer : Construction:- It consist of hard glass bulb with cathode and anode as shown in fig. Cathode is a metal filament kept at negative potential to the filament. Target T consist of copper ... the filament current, the thermionic emission of electron hence intensity of X- rays can be controlled.

Description : The SCR would be turned OFF by voltage reversal of applied anode-cathode ac supply frequency of A) 10 kHz B) 10 Hz C) 5 kHz D) 5 Hz 

Description : It is an unidirectional device that blocks the current flow from cathode to anode   (A) SCR (B) PCR (C) VCR (D) DCR

Answer : It is an unidirectional device that blocks the current flow from cathode to anode SCR 

Description : Is the anode or cathode longer in LED ?

Answer : In LED anode terminal is longer and cathode terminal is smaller.

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Answer : Answer : 1. Cinchona 2. Either House of Parliament 3. They are cast shadow 4. The same day at 7.30 a.m. 5. Vamsathapakasini 6. Maastricht Treaty 7. Because it is acidic 8. ... 15. Cholas 16. Thermal power plants 17. Respiration 18. Constituent Assembly 19. Orographic rainfall 20. Satavahanas

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Description : Assume a ray of light is incident on a smooth reflecting surface at an angle of incidence of 15 degrees to the normal. What is the angle between the incident ray and the reflected ray?


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Answer : ANSWER: Angiography or Angiogram 

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Answer : Answer : 1. Frequency remains same 2. P.M. Nayer 3. Rate of indirect tax 4. 60°S 5. Undeciphered 6. Histology 7. By the Election Commission 8. Sodium carbonate 9. India and Saudi Arabia 10 ... 16. 58th 17. In doing external work 18. 200 19. Change in atmospheric temperature 20. Chandragupta Maurya

Description : In the common dry cell, the zinc atoms are: w) reduced at the cathode x) oxidized at the cathode y) oxidized at the anode z) reduced at the anode


Description : In electro-refining, the pure metal is deposited on (1) vessel (2) electrolyte (3) cathode (4) anode

Answer : cathode

Description : When a spoon is to be electroplated with nickel the spoon is (1) dipped in a nickel sulphate solution (2) made anode and a pure nickel rod, the cathode (3) made cathode and a pure nickel red, the anode (4) coated with nickel sulphate and dried

Answer : made cathode and a pure nickel red, the anode

Description : Electrolysis of an aqueous solution of copper sulphate using copper electrodes gives (1) Copper at cathode and oxygen at anode. (2) Copper at anode and oxygen at cathode. (3) Copper at cathode and anodes dissolve to give copper. (4) Hydrogen at cathode and oxygen at anode.

Answer : Copper at cathode and oxygen at anode.

Description : The cathode of a lead storage battery is made up of (1) Zinc (2) Lead (3) Lead oxide (4) Manganese dioxide

Answer : Lead

Description : For photoelectric effect to take place, the metal used as the cathode should have______ (1) high melting point (2) low melting point (3) low work function (4) low resistance

Answer :  low work function

Description : Define cathode and anode.

Answer : Cathode: The electrode which is connected to the negative terminal (pole) of a battery is called as cathode. It is a negative electrode.  Anode: The electrode which is connected to the positive terminal (pole) of a battery is called as anode. It is a positive electrode. 

Description : A current of 4 amperes flowing for 45 minutes deposits 1.062 gm of metal at cathode. Calculate the equivalent weight of the metal. (Given 1 Faraday = 96500 C)

Answer : Given:  c : 4 amperes   t : 45 minutes : 45 x 60 = 2700 seconds   w : 1.062 gm   1 Faraday : 96500 C  To calculate: Eq. Weight (CE)  According to Faraday's first law:   w = z c t Therefore,  z = w / ct  ... g/c   Now, C.E. = 96500 x E.C.E.   C. E. = 96500 x 0.00009833  C.E. = 9.4888 gm

Description : A resistor connected across the gate and cathode of an SCR in a circuit increases its (A) dv/dt rating (B) Holding current (C) Noise Immunity (D) Turn-off time

Description : If a forward voltage (less than forward breakover voltage) is suddenly applied across anode and cathode of a thyristor, it may result into   (a) Damage to the thyristor (b) Premature triggering of the ... because of high dV/dt (c) Reduced holding current of the thyristor (d) All of the above  

Description : When cathode is positive with respect to anode in an SCR, the number of blocked p-n junctions is   (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4 

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Answer : ANSWER: EUSTACHIAN TUBE (pron: yu-sta-shen)

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Description : A tube can fill a tank completely in 18 hours. After half the tank is filled , one more similar tube is opened. What is the total time taken to fill the tank completely ? A) 14hrs 20min B) 13hrs 30min C) 13hrs 10min D) 14hrs 30min

Answer : C A tube can fill the half tank in 9hrs Now another similar tube opened 1/18+1/18 = 2/18 = 1/9 Remaining half tank filled in 4.5hrs Total time = 9+4.5 =13.5 = 13hrs 30min

Description : A tube can fill a cistern in 18hrs.After half the cistern is filled, three more similar tubes are opened. What is the total time taken to fill the cistern completely ? A) 9hrs 52min B) 10hrs 15 min C) 9hrs 45 min D) 10hrs 30min

Answer : D Time taken to fill the half cistern = 18/2 = 9 hrs Remaining part = 1/2 Time taken to fill the remaining part = [1/(4×1/12)] ×(1/2) = 3/2hrs 3/2 hrs = 90 min = 1hr 30mints Total time = 9hrs+90 min = 10hrs 30mins

Description : Two water tanks A and B of equal square base of sides 3 feet are shown below. Water flows from tank A to tank B through a tube. What will be the volume (in cubic feet) of water in Tank A when the water stops flowing? 

Answer : 13.5

Description : Assume that a ray of light passes from glass into air at an angle of incidence greater than zero degrees. Will the ray of light be bent toward or away from the normal as it passes into the air?


Description : A beam of light is incident on a perfectly smooth body of water. The angle that the REFLECTED ray makes with the normal is: w) greater than x) smaller than y) the same as the angle the incident ray makes with the normal.


Description : The region of the electromagnetic spectrum immediately above the frequencies to which the human eye is sensitive is called: w) ir x) ultra-violet y) rf z) gamma ray


Description : Dirac theoretically predicted the existence of the positron. Who experimentally identified positrons in 1932 in cloud chamber pictures of cosmic ray particle tracks?


Description : A light ray traveling from glass into air strikes the glass-air surface at an angle 50 degrees to the normal. If the critical angle for the glass-air combination is 42 degrees, the percentage of light reflected from the surface is w) 6 x) 25 y) 38 z) 100

Answer : ANSWER: Z -- 100

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