what are the significance of kernel in RTOS ?

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In every RTOS there is the kernel.

The kernel is the core supervisory software.

The kernel provides minimal logic.

Scheduling is also provided by the kernel.

The resource-management algorithm is also provided by the kernel.

RTOS kernel has various services like time management service.

RTOS kernel has device managment service.

RTOS kernel has interrupt management service.

RTOS kernel has memory management service.

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Answer : Common computation models: Sequential program model Statements, rules for composing statements, semantics for executing them Communicating process model ... Object-oriented model For breaking complex software into simpler, well-defined pieces

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Answer : Various features of Linux that are used in embedded systems are as follows : Linux is multiuser operating system. Linux is open source and free. Linux can be ... Linux supports handling of errors. Real-time Linux supports the group scheduling functions.

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Answer : Mailbox is used for inter-process communication for sending small messages between tasks or between ISR and task. The Mailbox is used in some Real Time Operating system (RTOS). If the task or ... received by which task or thread is called mailbox client. Mailbox message is a kernel service.

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Answer : notes.txt (18 kb) I added extra knowledge in this file.I also attach my programs. If any doubts ask me. If any doubt on socket please let me know. I know little bit English knowledge. If any spell mistake and grammar error sorry sorry.

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Answer : There are two main types of task scheduling algorithm in Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS).1. Rate Monotonic Scheduling (RMS)2. Earliest-Deadline-First (EDF)Rate Monotonic Scheduling ( ... shortest period process and so on.Rate Monotonic Scheduing do not support non-periodic processees.

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Answer : If the real-time systems have minimum interrupt latency and task deadline with prescribe time limits then it is known as hard real-time systems.  If these two requirements meet in real time systems but not always then it is known as soft real-time systems.

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Answer : Linux is the operating system if we use this operating system in embedded system devices then it is known as embedded Linux. Linux is open source and free.

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Answer : Hard real-time and soft real-time are the types of real time scheduling. Real time 

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Answer : Single Purpose Processor Single purpose processor is design to execute only one program. It perform particular computation task. So it have faster ... of single purpose processor. The datapath contains only required components.

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Answer : 1. To reduce the air resistance during running. 2. Increase fuel efficiency. 3.Reduce power consumption.

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