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Induction motor
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Induction Motor


•Inductor is a coil of wire which possess the property of inductance.

•Inductance is the property of an electric conductor which generate electromotive force (EMF) by changing the current flow.

•Induction is the production of electric or magnetic state without contact in electric or magnetic body.

•Motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy in the form of rotation.

•Motor consists of two parts one is stator and second is rotor.

•Stator is a stationary part and rotor is rotary part.

•Both the stator and rotor are inductively linked means there is no direct contact between stator and rotor.

•Induction motor is a rotating transformer.

•Machine is of two types one is synchronous and second is asynchronous.

•Synchronous means stator rotating magnetic field and rotor rotation is same and asynchronous means stator rotating magnetic field and rotor rotation is different.

•Electrical machine are of two types AC (single phase and polyphase) and DC.

•Induction motor is a asynchronous AC motor it may be single phase or polyphase.

•Single phase induction motor is not self starting motor and three phase induction motor is self starting motor.

•Single phase induction motor are classified as shaded pole induction motor, capacitor start induction motor, capacitor start capacitor run induction motor, split phase induction motor.

•Three phase induction motor are classified as slip ring induction motor and squirrel cage induction motor.

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