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application of CRO.
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2 Answers

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Voltage measurement

 Current measurement

 Examination of waveform

 Measurement of phase and frequency
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Applications of CRO:

1) Voltage measurement.

2) Current measurement.

3) Measurement of phase difference.

4) Measurement of phase.

5) Measurement of frequency.

6) Measurement of inductance.

7) Measurement of capacitance.

8) Tracing the waveform.

9) Measurement of amplitude of variable quantity.

10) Used in television circuits.

11) Used in radar circuits

12) It can display different types of waveforms.

13) For finding B-H curves.

14) For studying the heart beats

15) To detect standing waves in transmission lines

16) To check faulty components in various circuits.

17) For checking transistor.

18) It can measure short time interval.
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