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Troubleshooting procedure of colour TV receiver system.
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1. Check the complete TV for any physical damage before connecting to mains. 

2. Observe Mains connection chord for damage and continuity.

3. Clean TV set with DRY nylon brush.

4. Check out any dead animal like lizard, cockroach, Rat etc.

5. Identify symptoms of faults.

6. Identify the probable faulty area by symptom in given TV receiver

7. Examine the physical faults in the section (Wire/ track open or Component broken)

8. Check condition of fuse.

9. Observe resistance of each active component on section.

10. Turn on the TV and measure the voltage or current across the component

11. Compare the reading with actual value

12. Find the faulty component.

13. De-solder the component

14. Replace the old component with new component


1. Observe given equipment vigorously

2. Clean the equipment.

3. Check the mains chord for wear and tear.

4. Check the external knob for wear and tear.

5. Open the set check for burning smell.

6. Check for live insect, lizard, cockroach

7. Check inside wiring and damage component,

8. Clean the set from inside

9. Identify fault area.

10. Do the dry test using multimeter like fuse for open or resistor on so on.

11. Measure corresponding voltage.

12. Replace faulty component.
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