Types of three phase induction motor rotor

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Types of three phase induction motor rotor

Squirrel cage rotor :


•There are two types of three phase induction motor rotor one is squirrel cage rotor and second is wound rotor.

•About 80 to 90 percent of the rotor are squirrel cage rotor.

•It is simply consists of copper bars and metal ring each slots consists of copper bar.

•These copper bars and end ring are short circuited.

•Also the bars are slightly skewed for starting purpose or to decrease locking.

Wound rotor :


•Wound rotor is the type of three phase induction motor rotor.

•About 10 percent induction motor are wound rotor motor.

•It basically consists of laminated core and slipring and copper winding.

•The slipring is connected to external resistance.

•Speed control of three phase induction motor via rotor resistance control method is possible with this rotor.

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Description : An 8-pole, 50Hz, three-phase induction motor is running at 705rpm and has a rotor copper loss of 5kW. Its rotor input is (A) 5.06 kW (B) 0.3 kW (C) 100 kW (D) 83.33 kW

Description : The rotor winding of a three phase wound rotor induction motor is equipped with a three phase diode rectifier connected to the slip rings and rectifier output is connected with chopper drive. Compared to ... B) Maintains the motor rating as such C) Derates the motor D) None of the above 

Description : The locked rotor current in a 3-phase, star connected 15 , kW 4 , pole 230 V , 50 Hz induction motor at rated conditions is 50 A. Neglecting losses and magnetizing current, the approximate locked rotor line current drawn when the motor ... Hz supply is  (A) 58.5 A (B) 45.0 A (C) 42.7 A (D) 55.6 A

Description : In a single-phase induction motor when the rotor is stationary and voltage is applied to the stator, then (A) the flux is constant (B) the flux first decreases and then increases in ... increases and decreases in the opposite direction with the same magnitude (D) current flows through the rotor

Description : A 3-phase, 4-pole, 50Hz induction motor runs at a speed of 1440 rpm. The rotating field produced by the rotor rotates at a speed of ________ rpm with respect to stator field. (A) 1500 (B) 0 (C) 1440 (D) 60

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