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State advantages of Pulverized coal w.r.t. thermal power plant. 
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Advantages of Pulverized coal w.r.t. thermal power plant. 

1. Due to pulvarization amount of fuel required to produce same amount of heat reduces. 2. Time required for combution reduces 3. It gives more heating surface aera. 4. High temperature can be produce in furnace. 5. Due to pulvarizing low grade coal can be burn easily. 6. It requires low air pressure. 7. Efficiency of fuel incrases. 8. Firing of pulvarized coal is easy. 9. Ash produces quantity reduces. 10. The requirement of air for complete combustion is reduced, because of the increased surface area per unit mass of coal. 11. The firing can be controlled to match the load requirements. 12. Rapid and efficient starting of the boilers from cold. 13. The ash-handling problems are reduced to a minimum, i.e., practically there are no ash-handling problems. 14. Less furnace volume. 15. Because of the smaller requirement of air and thorough mixing of air and fuel, very high-combustion temperatures can be attained.

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