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With the help of neat diagram. explain the concept and principle used in electroplating. 
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Process of Electroplating:- 


A DC current passed through a solution of chemical compound then the solution can be dissociated into its constituent’s parts & deposition of metal takes place on the cathode. Metal is the constituent part of the solution. The solution used for electrolysis due to which electroplating is to be carried out is known as electrolyte or salt solution. In such a solution each molecule of the substance dissolved is negatively charged. Electroplating is carried out with a desire to coat particular metal on the surface of other metal. At first, the orticle be coated is properly cleaned. Then it is made cathode. The metal of which coating is desired is taken in pure form as a strip & it is connected to anode. In an electrolytic bath, Solution of the salt of the pure metal to be coated is taken By closing the key. M+ will move towards cathode, accept the electron, get neutralized & depositioned as metal .X- will move towards anode. Take equipment amount of M+ & from its salt. Again it dissociates & process is continued till pure metal goes into solution.

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