Explain the function of different parts of a typical nuclear power plant with neat sketch. 

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Functions of each part of Nuclear power plant:- 

1) Nuclear Reactor: In nuclear reactor the fuel rod of U235 is placed through which tremendous amount of heat energy is liberated due to nuclear chain reaction. (Fission process) 2) Heat Exchanger (Steam generator): In heat exchanger water is converted into steam at high temperature and high pressure by absorbing heat from hot coolant. 3) Coolant circulating system: The function of this system is to circulate coolant from reactor core to heat exchanger. It consists of circulating pump and filter. 4) Condensing Plant: Function of condenser is to convert exhaust steam again into water by reducing its temperature with the help of cold water. Also it reduces back pressure of steam turbine. 5) Cooling tower: The function of cooling tower is to reduce the temperature of water coming from condenser. 6) Steam valve: Function of Steam valve (Governor)is to control the flow of steam in such way that speed of turbine remains constant at all loads condition to maintain constant frequency. 7) Steam turbine: Its function is it converts heat energy into mechanical energy. To drive alternator this is mechanically coupled with steam turbine. 8) Alternator: It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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