Spectrum analyzer

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Spectrum analyzer



•Spectrum analyzer is use for measuring signal in frequency domain.

•It measure modulation, distortion and noise.

•Spectrum analyzer measure the electrical input signal, for measuring other than electrical signal first it is converted to electrical signal using transducer and fed it to Spectrum analyzer.

•There are three ways for frequency domain measurements

    1. Real time technique

    2. Fourier transform analysis

    3. Swept tune technique

•So there are Fast Fourier Transform and swept tuned based spectrum analyzer.

•Spectrum analyzer can be use with computer using USB.

•Modern spectrum analyzer have frequency range from Hz to GHz.

•Modern spectrum analyzer have three primary control one is frequency control, span per division control and reference level control.

•The frequency control customarily determines the center of the swept frequency range.

•The span control regulate the width of the frequency.

•Reference level control produce full screen deflection by varying the level of the signal.

•Other control include dynamic range, sweep speed and resolution bandwidth.

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Answer : A logic analyzer can be triggered on a complicated sequence of digital events, then capture a large amount of digital data from the system under test (SUT).When logic analysers first came ... Once the data are captured, they can be displayed several ways, from the simple) to the complex 

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Answer : When working in a number of cases, it becomes necessary to clarify the qualitative and general quantitative composition of various gas mixtures. In such situations, it is necessary to use special ... choosing such a technique, you can be sure of its ultimate reliability, accuracy and durability.

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Answer : Digital systems. Computer systems Logic circuits. Testing complex digital

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Description : Applications of Spectrum Analyser

Answer : Applications of Spectrum Analyser are as follows: i) It is used to study the RF spectrum produced in microwave instrument. ii) It is used for testing of RF interference. iii) It is used for measurement ... a parametric amplifier. xi) It is used to measure the modulation index of an AM wave.

Description : i) Explain electromagnetic spectrum with neat diagram. ii) Explain atmospheric noise with example. 

Answer : Explanation:-  The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation and their respective wavelengths  The electromagnetic spectrum covers ... spread over the complete frequency spectrum used for radio communication.  Example: Lightning 

Description :  An energy signal has G(f) = 20. Its energy density spectrum is A) 20 B) 100 C) 400 D) 800  

Answer :  An energy signal has G(f) = 20. Its energy density spectrum is 400 

Description : Describe block diagram of spectrum analyzer and explain its working

Answer : Fig: Block Diagram of Spectrum analyzer. 1. Spectrum analyzer consists of voltage tune oscillator, mixer, IF amplifier, detector, video amplifier, sweep generator and CRT. 2. The input ... on the screen. 8. In this type the signal are broken down into their individual frequency component.

Description : State any four applications of spectrum analyzer.

Answer : Applications: 1. Spectrum analyzer is a very important item of test equipment for someone designing or repairing electronic equipment that uses radio frequency signals. 2. Its key factor is that it is ... of the dominant frequency within a signal 8. Used to measure the properties of RF devices

Description : Explain function of each block of logic analyzer with proper block diagram

Answer : Explanation: A logic analyser is an electronic instrument that captures and displays multiple signals from a digital system or digital circuit. The normal oscilloscope deals with time domain, spectrum ... When the memory receives a trigger signal, it sends the samples to a CRT display.  

Description : A hydrogen atom making a direct transition from an upper energy level to the ground (lowest) energy level A. emits a photon which has an energy which depends on the temperature of the atom. B. emits a photon with an energy exactly equal to the difference in energy between the two states. C. experiences a Doppler shift. D. absorbs a photon which has an energy which depends on the temperature of the atom. E. emits a continuous spectrum.

Answer : B. emits a photon with an energy exactly equal to the difference in energy between the two states. 

Description : What can a star's spectrum tell astronomers about the star? 

Answer : It identifies the elements present and the star's chemical composition.

Description : List the types of energy that make up the electromagnetic spectrum. 

Answer : gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared radiation, microwaves, and radio waves. 

Description : Name three types of energy that make up the electromagnetic spectrum? 

Answer : gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared radiation, microwaves, and radio waves. 

Description : Draw block diagram of spectrum analyser, State applications of spectrum analyser.

Answer : Block Diagram: Applications: 1. Spectrum analyzer is a very important item of test equipment for someone designing or repairing electronic equipment that uses radio frequency signals. 2. Its ... of the dominant frequency within a signal 8. Used to measure the properties of RF devices

Description : The base peak in mass spectrum is? A. The lowest mass peak B. The peak corresponding to the parent ion C. The highest mass peak D. The peak set to 100% relative intensity

Answer : The peak set to 100% relative intensity

Description : The region of the electromagnetic spectrum immediately above the frequencies to which the human eye is sensitive is called: w) ir x) ultra-violet y) rf z) gamma ray


Description : The Doppler Effect predicts that the spectrum of light from a visible body moving AWAY from the Earth will experience a shift in frequency when viewed from Earth. This particular shift is known as the: w) Blue shift x) Neutral shift y) Red shift z) Dirac shift


Description : When a solid material is heated, it always: w) emits a discrete radiation spectrum x) glows red y) emits a continuous radiation spectrum z) emits only visible radiation


Description : The photoelectric effect is a demonstration of: w) the wave nature of light x) the particle nature of light y) Compton scattering z) the continuous spectrum of radiation


Description : The dark lines constituting the absorption spectrum exhibited by sunlight are frequently called: w) Fresnel lines x) Fraunhofer lines y) Fermi lines z) Franklin lines


Description : What element was first discovered in the spectrum of the sun before it was discovered on earth?


Description : A beam of white light is passed through a diffraction grating and the resulting spectrum is allowed to fall on a screen. Which one of the following is the color of light that undergoes the greatest deviation from its original direction. Is it: w) red x) yellow y) blue z) violet

Answer : ANSWER: W -- RED

Description : When white light is passed through a double slit which of the following statements is TRUE: w) Each of the bright bands is dispersed into a spectrum x) Only the central band is dispersed into a spectrum y) All the bright bands except the central one are dispersed into a spectrum z) Each band has a single color different from its neighboring bands 


Description : Which region of the electro-magnetic spectrum will cause sunburns? w) ultraviolet x) infrared y) visible


Description : Percept means (A) Direct observation through the senses (B) A conceived idea (C) Ends of a spectrum (D) An abstract image

Answer : (A) Direct observation through the senses

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Answer : Answer : 1. Embryology 2. 14 years 3. Angle of deviation 4. Aravallis 5. Neolithic Age 6. Vienna 7. Arundhati Roy 8. Sphygmology 9. The Great Himalayan Range 10. Second and seventh 11. ... First 14. Rajasthan 15. Mahavira 16. Thomas Paine 17. Soyabean 18. President 19. Paradeep 20. Rampurva

Description : In 3G network, W-CDMA is also known as UMTS. The minimum spectrum allocation required for W-CDMA is .......... (1) 2 MHz (2) 20 KHz (3) 5 KHz (4) 5 MHz

Answer : Answer: 4

Description : The letter ‘G’ used in ‘2G Spectrum’ stands for (1) Governance (2) Global (3) Generation(4) Google

Answer : Generation

Description : Which among the following is a large spectrum Antibiotic ? (1) Paracetamol (2) Pencillin (3) Ampicillin (4) Chlormphenicol

Answer : Ampicillin

Description : Explain with the help of block diagram, spread spectrum modulation system.

Answer : SPREAD-SPECTRUM COMUNICATION SYSTEM  Baseband DS spread spectrum communication system model (a)transmitter (b) channel (c)receiver Explanation:- In actual DSSS system, the ... PN sequence pattern which the receiver will recognize in the presence of interference with high probability.

Description : State applications of spread spectrum modulation.

Answer : 1. Jam-resistant communication systems 2. CDMA radios 3. High Resolution Ranging: Spread Specturm Communications is often used in high resolution ranging. It is possible to locate an object ... range wireless phones for home and industry 7. Cellular base stations interconnection. 8. Bluetooth.

Description : Explain direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) transmitter with block diagram.

Answer : In direct sequence, the serial binary data is mixed with a higher frequency pseudorandom binary code at a faster rate and the result is used to phase-modulate a carrier. The ... 1010 with odd parity. le of spread spectrum modulation and demodulation using PSK for primary modulation.

Description : Define the concept of spread spectrum.

Answer : Concept of spread spectrum :- Spread-spectrum techniques are methods by which a signal (e.g. an electrical, electromagnetic, or acoustic signal) generated with a particular bandwidth is deliberately ... to spread the power of the transmitted spread spectrum signal over a very large bandwidth. 

Description : Sodium vapour lamps glow with yellow colour. This is due to (1) sublimation of sodium to emit yellow colour (2) the emission of excess energy absorbed by sodium atoms, in the yellow region of the spectrum (3) the low ionisation energy of sodium (4) its ability to absorb all other colours except yellow

Answer : the emission of excess energy absorbed by sodium atoms, in the yellow region of the spectrum

Description : In which region of electromagnetic spectrum does the Lyman series of hydrogen atom lie ? (1) Visible (2) Infrared (3) Ultraviolet (4) X-ray

Answer : Ultraviolet

Description : What is the wavelength of visible spectrum ? (1) 1300 A°–3000 A° (2) 3900 A° – 7600 A° (3) 7800 A° – 8000 A° (4) 8500 A° – 9800 A°

Answer : 3900 A° – 7600 A°

Description : Explain Electromagnetic spectrum. 

Answer : The information signal should be first converted into an electromagnetic signal before transmission because the wireless transmission takes place using electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic waves are oscillations which ... This entire range of frequency of EM waves is called EM spectrum.

Description : The largest wavelength in the ultraviolet region of the hydrogen spectrum is 122 nm. The smallest wavelength in the infrared region of the hydrogen Spectrum (to the nearest integer) is (A) 802nm (B) 823nm (C) 1882 nm (D) 1648 nm

Answer : (B) 823nm


Answer : ACTIVITY: Projecting Visible Spectra Description: Two methods for projecting the visible spectrum are explained.  Objective: To study the range of colors in the visible spectrum. National ... for Classroom Investigations, The Physics Teacher, October 1991, 29(7), pp423-427.

Description : Describe 4 P’s of management spectrum giving their significance.

Answer : The Management Spectrum - 4 Ps and their Significance Effective software project management focuses on these items (in this order) Deals with the cultivation of motivated, highly skilled people ... 1998 survey, 26% of software projects failed outright, 46% experienced cost and schedule overruns.

Description : The correct order of electromagnetic spectrum with decreasing frequency is: (1) Microwaves, Radiowaves, Infrared rays, Ultraviolet rays, X–rays (2) Radiowaves, Infrared rays, Ultraviolet rays, Microwaves, X–rays (3) X–rays, Infrared rays, Microwaves, Radiowaves, Ultraviolet rays (4) X–rays, Ultraviolet rays, Infrared rays, Microwaves, Radiowaves 

Answer : The correct order of electromagnetic spectrum with decreasing frequency is: (1) Microwaves, Radiowaves, Infrared rays, Ultraviolet rays, X-rays (2) Radiowaves, Infrared rays, Ultraviolet rays, ... Radiowaves, Ultraviolet rays (4) X-rays, Ultraviolet rays, Infrared rays, Microwaves, Radiowaves 

Description : The best method for measurement of temperatures of hot bodies radiating energy in the visible spectrum is (a) bolometer (b) optical pyrometer (c) thermocouple (d) thermopile 

Description : The spectrum of discrete-time Fourier transform will be:  a. Periodic and discrete b. Aperiodic and continuous c. Periodic and continuous d. Aperiodic and discrete

Answer : The spectrum of discrete-time Fourier transform will be: Periodic and continuous

Description : An energy signal has G(f) = 10. Its energy density spectrum is:  (1) 10 (2) 100 (3) 50 (4) 20

Answer : An energy signal has G(f) = 10. Its energy density spectrum is: 100.

Description : need of calibration and explain the procedure to calibrate the instrument.

Answer : Need of calibration: Every measuring device degrades over time due to normal wear and tear. These changes can be caused by various reasons such as electric or mechanical shock or a hazardous manufacturing ... different magnitude are used to calculate the resistance based on ohm's law.

Description : Compare Dual slope DVM and SAR type DVM.

Answer : Sr no Dual slope DVM SAR type DVM 1 It is highly accurate It is moderately accurate 2 Cost is high It is inexpensive 3 Two comparator is used One comparator is used ... resolution Good resolution 5 Slow speed High speed 6 Less Error More error

Description : operation of DSO with block diagram.

Answer : The input is amplified and attenuated with input amplifiers. The output of the input signal amplifiers feeds an analog to digital converter (ADC). There are numbers of ADC available. But the selection of ADC ... view the display on the CRT, the data from memory is reconstructed in analog form.

Description : sketch time period measurement by CRO.

Answer : Horizontal sweep is turned ON and the display appealing on the screen is adjusted by varying different control knobs provided on the front panel of CRO, till the signal is suitably displayed ... Where m=Number of division in one complete cycle n=Setting of time base =Time/Division

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