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Draw block diagram of microcontroller based pick and place Robot. List the four movements required by this Robot.
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Diagram :


Explanation: The robot has three axes about which motion can occur. Rotation in a clockwise or anti-clock wise direction of the unit on its base Arm extension or contraction and arm up or down. Gripper can open or close. These movements can be actuated by the use of pneumatic cylinders operated bysolenoid controlled valves with limit switches to indicate when a motion is completed ,Thus clock wise rotation of the unit might result from the piston in a cylinder being extended and the anticlockwise direction by its retraction. Likewise the upward movement of the arm might result from the piston in a linear cylinder being extended and the downward motion from it retracting. The extension of the arm by the piston in another cylinder extending and its return movement by the piston retracting. The gripper can be opened or closed by the piston in a linear cylinder extending or retracting as.

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