Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)

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Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)


•TDR is a application of pulse technique and it is a echo technique.

•In this technique we observe and analyses  the reflected waveform in both electrical and optical media.

•TDR is useful in both electrical systems and telecom interconnections.

•TDR is divided into two types one is metallic time domain reflectometer and second is optical time domain reflectometer.

•TDR is use with high speed oscilloscope and step generator.

•TDR is use for finding discontinuity of a transmission line.

•TDR technique is also useful in testing interconnected paths in printed circuit board (PCB).

•TDR also shows the losses in the transmission line are series losses or shunt losses.

•This method is use when system is not in working condition.

•The step generator send the positive incident wave If the load impedance is equal to characteristics impedance of line then no wave will be reflected.

•The step generator send the positive incident wave If the load impedance is not equal to characteristics impedance of line then the wave will be reflected and which is observe in oscilloscope.

•From this we can also determine the length of the transmission line.

•This is easy and inexpensive technique.

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