Complex Programmable Logic Devices  (CPLD)

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Complex Programmable Logic Devices


•CPLDs are the collection of SPLD structures which are interconnected via multiplexer or switch matrix.

•CPLD consists of number of logic blocks or functional blocks.

•And each block contain PLA or PAL.

•Using CPLDs more complex design can be implemented.

•Propagation delay is about 8 ns.

•CPLD have large number of gates and can include complicated feedback path.

•CPLD are ideal for critical control application because it offers predictable timing characteristics.

•CPLD are use in cost sensitive application and it have low power usage.
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Answer : Sr no: FPGA CPLD 1 It is field programmable gate array. It is complex programmable logic device. 2 Capacity is defined in terms of number of gates available. ... 8 FPGA are available in wide density range. CPLD contain fewer registers but have better performance.

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Answer : Simple Programmable Logic Devices (SPLD) There are three main types of SPLD architecture Programmable Logic Array (PLA), Programmable Array Logic (PAL) and Generic Array Logic (GAL). SPLD is made ... ). PAL can not be reconfigured. GAL uses EEPROM configuration so it can be reconfigured.

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Answer : MOSFET  are voltage controlled devices.

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(C) (A) is true but (R) is false.

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