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Differentiate between core type and core less induction furnace.
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Core type induction furnace.
Core less induction furnace.
1 Less leakage flux 
More leakage flux
2 Power factor is good
Power factor is poor
3 Works at normal frequency
High frequency supply is required
4 Weight & size is more 
As there is no magnetic core weight & size of furnace reduces.
5 Design for high capacity
Design for low capacity
6 Crucible used is either Horizontal or Vertical 
Crucible of any shape is used 
7 Initial cost is less
Initial cost is more as High frequency supply is required
8 Used to melt only conducting metals 
Both conducting and non-conducting charge can be heated.
9 Time required for heating is more as normal frequency is used.
Due to high frequency, high voltage supply, time required for heating is less.
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