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Describe the following energy conservation methods of lighting system. i) By replacing lamp sources ii) Using light control gears.

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Energy conservation methods of lighting system: 

i) By replacing lamp sources: 

Installation of energy efficient fluorescent lamps in place of “Conventional” fluorescent lamps. Installation of metal halide lamps in place of mercury / sodium vapour lamps. Installation of High Pressure Sodium Vapour (HPSV) lamps for applications where colour rendering is not critical. Installation of LED panel indicator lamps in place of filament lamps etc. 

ii) Using light control gears 

The simplest and the most widely used form of controlling a lighting installation is "On-Off" switch. Grouping of lighting system, to provide greater flexibility in lighting control (manual or automatic) Installation of microprocessor/ infrared controlled dimming or switching circuits. Advanced lighting control system uses movement detectors or lighting sensors, to feed signals to the controllers. Optimum usage of day lighting in combination with electric lighting. Installation of exclusive transformer for lighting. It will reduce the voltage related problems, which in turn increases the efficiency of the lighting system. Installation of high frequency (HF) electronic ballasts in place of conventional ballasts which saves energy up to 35%.

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