Digital Multimeter (DMM)

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Digital Multimeter (DMM)



•Digital multimeter is the combination of Voltmeter (for measuring voltage) Ammeter (for measuring current) and Ohmmeter (for measuring resistance) in one device.

•Basically digital multimeter is a multifunction device  for measuring AC or DC voltage, current, resistance and continuity etc.

•Digital multimeter is an example of ADC (analogue to digital converter).

•Digital multimeter have microprocessor.

•Digital multimeter have buzzer for continuity measurement.

•For safety in some digital multimeter there is a HRC fuse inside it.

•There is a LCD display for displaying measured digital values.

•Some components of Digital multimeter are made from VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) components.

•Digital multimeter have DC voltage reference ranging from 1 to 15 V this is the reference for ADC.

•Inside digital multimeter there is thing like diode bridge, Op-amp, comparator and oscillator etc.

•Digital multimeters are battery operated.

•Its input impedance is very high in the range of mega ohms.



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Description : Compare analog & digital multimeter.

Answer : Analog multi-meter DMM Power supply is not required  Power supply is required  Less suffered from electric noise  More suffered from electric Noise Less isolation problems. More ... visual indication Visual indication is not that much better. Less cost More cost

Description : what are the advantages of digital multimeter ?

Answer : Precise reading digital reading easy to use less losses due to no mechanical parts high efficiency small size compact can measure AC and DC voltage and current and resistance and can be use for continuity testing

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Description : what is multimeter?

Answer : A multimeter also known as a VOM (volt-ohm-milliammeter), is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit. A typical multimeter can measure voltage, current, and resistance.

Description : What is Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) ?

Answer : Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)  Analog quantity may be voltage, temperature, sound, speed, audio etc. it is information or signal. ... digital form), digital speedometer (converts analog speed into digital form) etc.

Description : Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)

Answer : Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) Digital means binary (1 0) and 1 and 0 may be true and false or on and off or high and low. Analog means continuous signal or information ... wave. Phase Shift Keying (PSK) is transmit digital data by changing the phase of carrier wave.

Description : working of Digital camcoder.

Answer : Explanation: Figure shows the functional block diagram of a digital camcorder system. Light from the optical lens assembly projects an image onto the charged coupled device (CCD) imager ... data from the recording medium are demultiplexed and decompressed and fed into the EVF for display.

Description : Compare analog and digital instruments .

Answer : Parameter Analog Instrument Digital Instrument  1 Principle The instrument that displays analog signals is called as on analog instrument.  The instrument that displays ... , etc. Logical analyzer, signature analyzer, computers, microprocessor based instruments, etc. 

Description : Compare analog CRO with digital storage oscilloscope (DSO).

Answer : Analog CRO DSO 1 High bandwidth Less bandwidth due to aliasing effect 2 High  writing speed about 15 GHz Limited speed 3 No memory Has memory ... Less storage time. The digital oscilloscope is  capable of an infinite storage time, using its digital memory.

Description : Principal of digital frequency meter.

Answer : The basic block diagram of basic digital frequency meter (DFM) is shown in above figure. The signal whose frequency we have to be measured is first to be amplified through amplifier. The output of amplifier ... = Number of counts. t = Time interval between start and stop condition of the gate.

Description : Advantages of digital instruments

Answer : 1. They are having high input impedance, so there is no loading effect 2. They are having higher accuracy 3. An unambiguous reading is obtained 4. The output can be interfaced with external equipment 5. They are available in smaller size . 

Description : Write example of each type (i) Primary transducer (ii) Active transducer (iii) Electrical transducer (iv) Digital transducer

Answer : (i) Active transducer:-Thermocouple, piezoelectric, photovoltaic cell (ii) Primary transducer:- Bourdon tube, bellows, (iii) Electrical transducer.:- LVDT,RVDT, Hall effect, strain gauge, ... , optical pyrometer, radiation pyrometer (iv) Digital transducer:- Linear Encoder, digital taco generator

Description :

Blackt Electrotech 230V 24x7 Energy Saving Socket Type Digital Programmable Plastic Electronic Timer (White)

Answer : Buy from amazon: Buy:

Description : Describe block diagram of digital comparator and write truth table of 2 bit comparator.

Answer : Digital comparator is a combinational circuit which compares two numbers, A and B; and evaluates their relative magnitudes. The outcome of the comparison is given by three binary variables which indicate whether A ... Depending on the result of comparison one of these outputs will go high.

Description : State two advantages of digital system over analog system.

Answer : 1. They are less susceptible to noise. 2. The effect of fluctuation in the characteristic of the components, ageing of components etc. is very small in digital circuits. 3. Digital circuits have capability of memory which makes them suitable for computers. 4. More accurate.

Description : The first digital electronic computer was built in the year________  A. 1950 B. 1960 C. 1940 D. 1930

Answer : The first digital electronic computer was built in the year 1940 

Description : Write any two advantages of digital energy meter.

Answer : Advantages of Digital Energy Meter: 1) Easy to read. 2) High accuracy 3) High resolution. 4) No frictional losses as there are no moving parts. 5) No requirement for external adjustments. 6) Large ... due to absence of moving parts. 7) Highly efficient. 8) Very much compact. 9) Good reliability.

Description : State two advantages of digital circuits.

Answer : Advantages of Digital Circuits: i) Digital circuits are easier to design. ii) Information storage is easy. iii) Accuracy and precision are greater. iv) Less affected by noise. v) Reliability is more

Description : State the applications of digital electronics.

Answer : 1. The processor, graphics controller are built on principles of digital electronics. 2. In Computers, tablet, displays, LCD/LED TV. 3. mobile/smart phone, , computer ,keyboard, mouse 4. speed/ ... bike/car, various control of the car, 5. ATM machines, credit /debit cards 6. Telephone exchange

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 Can we create a digital circuit that has as inputs the  3- bit digital words [2: 0] A, [2: 0] B and [2: 0] C and its output is  equal to      |C-A-B| . The circuit of the binary full adder is known.

Description : What is digital storage oscilloscope (DSO)?

Answer : Digital storage oscilloscope have many advantages as compared to analogue oscilloscope. Digital storage oscilloscope uses analogue to digital converter and digital to analogue converter and also it ... oscilloscope is used for comparing waveforms and recording and it have many different uses.

Description : The operation of a ramp type Digital Voltmeter is based on the principle of (A) Voltage-to-current conversion. (B) Voltage-to-time conversion. (C) Current-to-time conversion. (D) Current-to-frequency conversion.

Answer : The operation of a ramp type Digital Voltmeter is based on the principle of Voltage-to-time conversion.

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Can you convert analog signal to digital?

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Answer : It  has   only   two  variable   input  and  output (low   or    high)   (0  or    5).

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What is digital and analog electronics?

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Description : Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)

Answer : Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line it use for high band width information at home or business place via copper telephone lines. There are different ... data rate at beginning and lowering the data rate at the time of error.

Description : List four applications of digital multimeter.

Answer : Applications : 1. It is used continuity test. 2. It is used to check diode 3. It is used to check transistor 4. It is used to measure voltage, current & resistance.

Description : Differentiate between analog and digital multimeter.

Answer : Analog multimeter Digital multimeter 1. Power supply is not required 1. Power supply is required 2. Less suffered from electric noise 2. Suffered from electric noise 3. It provides measurement ... 9. Bigger in size 9. Compact in size 10. Economical 10.Expensive

Description : An average reading digital multimeter reads 10 V when fed with a triangular wave, symmetric about the time axis. For the same input the r.m.s. reading meter will read

Description : Draw block diagram of DMM. State its advantages.

Answer : Advantages of DMM: 1. DMM provides numerical readouts that eliminate observational errors. Thus providing better readability. 2. DMM offers better accuracy and versatility as compared to ... memory devices for further computations. 5. The decreased size of DMM increases the portability

Description : A multimeter is used to measure (1) current (2) voltage (3) resistance (4) All of the above

Answer : All of the above 

Description : Applications of multimeter

Answer : Applications of multimeter:  1. Voltage Measurements * High and low value DC measurement * Peak to Peak and DC average measurement 2. Current Measurements * DC current measurement ... resistance with constant current 5. Time and Frequency measurement * frequency * Time measurement

Description : In a standard multimeter for measuring AC voltage, parameter of _____ voltage is measured

Answer : In a standard multimeter for measuring AC voltage, parameter of RMS voltage is measured

Description : A 4-bit R/2R digital-to-analog (DAC) converter has a reference of 5 volts. What is the analog output for the input code 1010:  (1) 0.3125 V (2) 3.125 V (3) 0.78125 V (4) –3.125 V

Answer : A 4-bit R/2R digital-to-analog (DAC) converter has a reference of 5 volts. 3.125 V is the analog output for the input code 1010.

Description : One application of a digital multiplexer is to facilitate:  (1) Code conversion (2) Parity checking (3) Parallel-to-serial data conversion (4) Data generation

Answer : One application of a digital multiplexer is to facilitate: Parallel-to-serial data conversion.

Description : An eight bit digital data 10101100 is fed to an ADC. The reference voltage is +10V. The analog output voltage will be:  (1) 1.05V (2) 6.74V (3) 10.10V (4) 5.15V

Answer : An eight bit digital data 10101100 is fed to an ADC. The reference voltage is +10V. The analog output voltage will be: 6.74V.

Description : Which one of the following statements is correct? Digital modulation techniques are used in satellite communication systems since:  (1) They are easier to handle (2) Large bandwidth utilization is possible (3) They have a higher spectral efficiency (4) They are less prone to interference

Answer : They are less prone to interference 

Description : The modulation normally used with the digital data is  a. PM  b. AM  c. SSB  d. QPSK

Description : An integrating digital voltmeter measures  A) true average value B) rms value C) peak value D) peak to peak value

Answer : An integrating digital voltmeter measures true average value. 

Description : The S to Z domain transformation in digital filters which transforms imaginary axis to perimeter of unit circle with no aliasing error is  A) Backward difference integration B) Forward difference integration C) Impulse invariant transformation D) Bilinear integration

Description :

Answer : Dual slope integration type analog to digital converter provide   Very good accuracy without putting extreme requirements on           component stability and   Good rejection of power supply hum

Description : Using what, data hiding in encrypted images be carried out in digital forensics? A. Acquisition. B. Steganography. C. Live analysis D. Hashing

Answer : B. Steganography. 

Description :  What are the important parts of the mobile device which used in Digital forensic? A. SIM B. RAM C. ROM. D.EMMC chip

Answer : D.EMMC chip 

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