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Classify the solar collectors and compare them. 
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Classification of solar collectors :- 

1. There are two main types of Flat Plate type collectors :- a) Flat plate collectors (FPC) b). Evacuated Tubular collector (ETC) 

2. Concentrating type collectors (focusing type collector): There are three main types of concentrating solar power system 

 Line Focusing: - 1) Linear cylindrical Parabolic (troughs) concentrating collector 

 Point Focusing: - 2) Central receiver Spherical (Dish) Parabolic concentrating Collector 3) Central receiver solar tower with number of distributed Concentrating collector.

Flat plate collector
Concentrating type collector
Shape of collector is rectangular
Shape o collector is parabolic or disc type / Tower
Collector and absorber area
The Collector area is same as absorber area
The Collector/reflector area is more than absorber area
Mechanically simple in design
Complicated in design
Are relatively simple to construct and erect
Difficult to construct and erect
No tracking of panel is required to words sun direction
Tracking is required to words sun direction for better results
Uses of sun radiation
It uses both direct and diffused radiation of sun
It uses only direct radiation of sun because diffused radiation cannot be reflected.
Uniform flux on the collector & absorber
Non-uniform flux on the collector & absorber 
Cloudy days
Effective even cloudy days when there is no direct radiation of sun
Ineffective in cloudy days as there is no direct radiation of sun
Heat losses
Heat losses are more (as absorber area is more) 
Heat losses are less (as absorber area is less)
Efficiency is less
Efficiency is high 
Temperature obtain
Temperature obtain is less (up to 900C)
Temperature obtain is high (up to 4000C)
Heat insulation cost
Heat insulation cost is more
Heat insulation cost is less
Little maintenance
More maintenance
Space required
Space required is less
Space required is more
Anti-freeze protection
It require more anti-freeze protection
Little or no anti-freeze protection is require to protect the absorber
Generate steam
Not suitable to generate steam only for heating water/fluid/Air
Suitable to generate steam
Generate electricity
Cannot be used to generate electricity directly from water
Can be used to generate electricity with the help of steam turbine
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