Explain significance and purpose of electrical measurement system.

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➢ Significance of Electrical Measurement System 

1. The measurement is required for measurement of all physical quantities for e.g speed, velocity, temperature, pressure etc. 

2. All electrical quantities also for e.g. voltage, current, wattage, energy 

3. The measurement is required for treading & dealing purpose in our society 

4. For controlling & feedback purpose the measurement is essential 

5. In every nation for their military application there is need of measurement and control 

6. In industry or in government organization there is R & D Department The measurement is widely required in various industries and in various educational institutes for the training purpose 

➢ Purpose Of Electrical Measurement System 

1. The measurement is the sciences or process in which we are measuring the physical quantities to fulfill the need of human kind 

2. For treading & dealing purpose or any other 

3. Measurement is basic need of human kind that’s why all standards and references designed by the human kind 

4. These standards and references may changes time to time, area to area person to person 

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