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Describe with working of LCR meter for measurement of inductance. 
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working of LCR:- • A LCR meter (Inductance (L), Capacitance (C), and Resistance (R) test equipment used to measure the inductance, capacitance and, resistance of a component. • It works on the principle of impedance measurement • LCR Meter works on principals of AC & DC Bridges • The device under test is subjected to an AC voltage source. • The LCR meter detects the voltage over and the current through the device under test. • From the ratio of these, the meter can determine the magnitude of the impedance. • The phase angle between the voltage and current is also detected • in case of L-R or inductances measurements have the elements in series (as would be encountered in an inductor coil) [D setting ] • That C-R capacitances measurements have the elements in parallel (as would be encountered in measuring a capacitor with a leaky dielectric) [Q setting ] 

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