Give the relation between magnetic field strength, magnetic flux density and permeability.
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Description : Define the following terms: i) Magnetic flux density, ii) Reluctance, iii) Magneto-motive force, iv) Permeance.

Answer : (i) Magnetic flux density (B): It is the magnetic flux per unit area measured at right angles to the flux path. (Its unit is weber/m2 or tesla).  (ii) Reluctance: It is the ... flux to set up through it and it is reciprocal of reluctance. Permeance = 1/ Reluctance. Unit: weber/ampere.

Description : Define magnetic flux density and state its formula.

Answer : The magnetic flux per unit area is called as magnetic flux density. Magnetic flux density is denoted by B. The formula for magnetic flux density is Weber per metre square or Tesla. Mathematically ... the unit of magnetic flux density is Weber per metre square which is also called as Tesla.

Description : Define magnetic field strength and state its unit.

Answer : Magnetic field strength is the force experienced by a unit N-pole when placed at any point in a magnetic field is known as magnetic field strength or magnetizing force. Magnetising force or magnetic field ... unit of length is metre. So the unit of magnetic field strength is ampere turns per metre.

Description : A magnetic circuit has effective iron length of 100 cm and it is wound with 800 turns of wire carries 1 A. Find the magnetic field strength.

Answer : magnetic field strength