why ohm's law is not applicable for ac circuit?
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Answer :

Ohm's law also applicable for AC circuit but in case of AC there is impedance Z. And in case of DC there is a resistance R.

in AC E=IZ

in DC V=IR
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Answer :

Ohm's law is also applicable for AC circuit.

Ohm's law for AC circuit is given by, 

i = v / R = Vm sinωt/R

Where i and v is the instantaneous value of current and voltage.

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Answer :

We can use Ohm's law for AC circuit if circuit consists of linear components and devices.
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Answer : Ohm's law is not applicable to semi-conductors.

Description : Ohm’s law is applicable to : (A) Semi-conductors (B) Vacuum tubes (C) Electrolytes (D) Semiconductors and Vacuum tubes

Description : is Ohms law applicable to vacuum tubes?

Answer : Ohm's law is not applicable to vacuum tubes.

Answer : both ac as well as dc

Description : does ohm's law apply to ac circuits?

Answer : Yes it does, but as it is supplied with ac we will have to take impedance in account.