explain methods of generating time base waveform
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Answer :

time base generator generate high frequency sawtooth waves.
Methods for generating time base waveforms
1. bootstrap circuit
2. Miller circuit
3. exponential charging
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Description : Draw the circuit diagram of Bootstrap’s time base generator and explain its working.

Answer : Circuit Diagram Waveform: Here transistor Q1 acts as a switch and transistor Q2 acts as an emitter follower (i.e. a unit gain amplifier).  Circuit Operation: Initially transistor ... The circuit pulls itself up by its own bootstrap and hence it is known as bootstrap sweep circuit. 

Description : Justify the need of current time base generator to obtain the specified sawtooth waveform with one example.

Answer : Justification:- * Current Time base generator is a circuit where the output current is a linear function of time over a specified time interval. * Time base circuits are used by radar systems to determine ... the time. * The diode D does not conduct during the sweep, because it is reverse biased.

Description : The time base signal in Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) is  (1) A square wave signal (2) A sawtooth signal (3) A triangular wave signal (4) A sinusoidal signal

Answer : 2 Saw tooth 

Answer : In CRO the time base signal is applied to: X-plates

Description : Why are generators rated in kVA not in kW ?

Answer : Because It's rating of generator kva is apparent power. Kw is active power which we use. And one is kvar reactive power.