what is slip ?

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Slip is the difference between synchronous speed and rotor speed.
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Description : Slip test is performed to determine :  (A) Slip in an induction motor  (B) Xd and Xq in a salient pole alternator  (C) Synchronous impedance in an alternator  (D) Positive and negative sequence impedances of an alternator

Description : The slip of 400 V, three phase, 4 -pole induction motor when rotating at 1440 rpm is 

Description : State the function of following parts in Induction motor. (i) Stator (ii) Slip rings

Description : Define Slip of Induction Motor.

Description : The rotor impedance of a slip ring induction motor is (0.1 + j0.6)Ohm/ ph . The resistance/ph to be inserted into rotor to get maximum torque at starting should be

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