wireless mobile charger
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it is simply the wireless transfer of the electricity such in transformer the EMF is induced in the neighbouring called because of change in the voltage in primary coil show the phenomenon of mutual inductance is at a very high level and energy can transfer in through the air or another medium
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Answer : Full wave bridge rectifier is used in mobile chqrger.

Description : Why does the charger become hot while charging mobile phone?

Answer : Charging depends on time duration. If your phone battery is very low and you are using your phone with battery draining app like YouTube, the charger will be forced by the phone to ... temp of electrical components like transistors. Junction temperature will be larger as junction current is higher.

Description : Battery Charger

Answer : Do you have a car battery that is losing its power? You can use a battery charger to bring its power back. A battery charger is a device that forces electric current through the battery ... battery are compatible. Carefully read the instructions on how to install the charger to avoid any accidents.

Description : Draw the circuit diagram of battery charger using SCR and explain it’s working.

Answer : Battery charger circuit using SCR: The figure shows the battery charger circuit using SCR. A 12V discharged battery is connected in the circuit and switch SW is closed. The singlephase 230V ... not fired. In this way, after full charging, further charging is automatically stopped.

Description : Define the following terms : (i) Base Station (ii) Control Channel (iii) Mobile Station (iv) Page 

Answer : i) Base Station: - A fixed station in a mobile radio system used for radio communication with mobile stations. Base stations are located at the center or on the edge of a coverage region ... the page throughout the service area using base stations which broadcast the page on a radio carrier.