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FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array.
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field-programmable gate array (FPGA)

(1) a programmable logic device that consists of a matrix of programmable cells embedded in a programmable routing mesh. The combined programming of the cell functions and routing network define the function of the device.

(2) a gate array with a programmable multi-level logic network. Reprogrammability of FPGAs make them generic hardware and allow them to be reprogrammed to serve many different applications. FPGAs consist of SRAMS, gates, latches, and programmable interconnects.
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Description : Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)

Answer : Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) FPGA is field programmable gate array. FPGA are PLDs which are made from interconnected small macro cells. It is made from logic cells. Logic ... . Volatile. Large number of pins. Slow design software. Don't provide fix delay.

Description : Explain basic architecture of Sparton-3 FPGA series.

Answer : The Spartan-3E family architecture consists of five fundamental programmable functional elements:  Configurable Logic Blocks (CLBs): Contain flexible Look-Up Tables (LUTs) ... fully digital solutions for distributing, delaying, multiplying, dividing, and phase-shifting clock signals. 

Description : Compare FPGA and CPLD.

Answer : Sr no: FPGA CPLD 1 It is field programmable gate array. It is complex programmable logic device. 2 Capacity is defined in terms of number of gates available. ... 8 FPGA are available in wide density range. CPLD contain fewer registers but have better performance.

Description : Is FPGA a volatile device?

Answer : Yes, FPGA is a volatile device.

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Answer : Normally, the FPGA resources are used less than 70% because: Routing becomes excessively complicated

Description :

Answer : Bipolar junction transistor

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Answer : E. 1 cm, 1 km, 1 AU, 1 ly

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Answer : Answer: D

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Answer :  It stands for agricultural marketing

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Answer : What does double integration of a unit step function lead to? A) A doublet B) A ramp C) An impulse D) A parabola 

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Answer : It store energy in.the form of charges It allows AC but restricted DC

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Answer : B. Industrial Internet of Things 

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Answer : B. Application-Specific Integrated Circuits 

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Answer : A. Advanced RISC Machine 

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Answer :  (d) Relatedness 

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Answer : (a) North American Free Trade Agreement ;

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Answer : (a) National Thermal Power Corporation ;

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Answer :  (b) Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

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Answer : c) National Commission for Women

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Answer : Ans : a

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Answer : B) Central Board of Direct Taxes

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Answer : A) Children Enrichment Education Electronic Radio 

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Answer : C) Calculation of virtues 

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Answer : (A) National Mission on Education through ICT 

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Answer : (C) Massive Open Online Course

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Answer : (A) Cascading Style Sheets

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Answer : (A) File Transfer Protocol

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Answer : (C) Central Institute for Education Technology

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Answer : (C) Computer Literacy and Studies in Schools 

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Answer : (D) Graphics Interchange Format

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Answer : (D) Arithmetic Logic Unit

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Answer : (B) American Standard Code for Information Interchange

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Answer : (D) Television Rating Points

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Answer : (A) Domain Name System

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