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Answer :

In active region BJT act as a amplifier.
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Answer :

Active region of BJT act as amplifier.

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Answer : BJT act as switch in saturation and  cutoff region ( ON state in saturation region and OFF state in cut-off region )

Answer : In cut-off region of BJT both the emitter-base junction and collector-base junction are reverse biased.

Description : How can BJT be used as an amplifier?

Description : What is a BJT amplifier?

Description : Define Depletion region and Barrier voltage of PN junction.

Answer : 1. Depletion region : The region consisting of immobile positive charge at n-side and immobile negative charge at p-side near the junction acts like a barrier and prevents the further flow of ... charge formed at the p-n junction is called barrier voltage, barrier potential or junction barrier.