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VLSI is small and consume less power and its designing is easy.
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Description : State two advantages of digital system over analog system.

Answer : 1. They are less susceptible to noise. 2. The effect of fluctuation in the characteristic of the components, ageing of components etc. is very small in digital circuits. 3. Digital circuits have capability of memory which makes them suitable for computers. 4. More accurate.

Answer : Optical lithography method that uses light to print a pattern in a photosensitive material is also called photolithography.

Description : What are advantages and disadvantages of Mechatronics system? 

Answer : Advantages of Mechatronics system:  High level of integration.  Increased functionality and better design.  More use of electronics and software instead of mechanical function.  Assumes ... Its replacement is difficult, that it is difficult to change old system to new system. 

Description : What are the advantages of open loop control system?

Answer : Open loop control system are simple to design. Open loop control system are generally stable.

Description : What are the advantages of an interconnected system?