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I think has something to do with UPS?

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Answer :

Static switches are power semiconductor devices which can be turn on and turn off means which have conducting and non conducting states. Static switches are better than mechanical switches because they are faster and compact but static switches are costlier than mechanical switches.
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Description : A UPS commonly has following parts : (i) rectifier (ii) inverter (iii) static switch Which of the following is true ?   (a) only (i) (b) only (i) and (ii) (c) (i), (ii) and (iii) (d) only (ii) and (iii) 

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Description : Some of the situations where inline expansion may not work are: A) For functions returning values, if a loop, a switch or goto exists. B) If functions contain static variables and they are re-cursive. C) For functions not returning values, if return statement exist. D) All of the above.

Last Answer : D) All of the above.

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Description : function of equipment’s used in sub-stations : (i) Earth Switch (ii) Relay (iii) Lighting Arrester (iv) Auxiliary transformer 

Last Answer : (i) Earth Switch   It's function is to discharge the ground capacitance when line is open circuited for maintenance purpose by isolator.) Earthing switch is inter - locked with isolator from the safety point ... 3-ph, 4wire, 400V) to give supply to control room, area lighting, staff quarters etc, 

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Description : Why should switch be connected only on the live wire and never on the neutral wire?

Last Answer : Current runs from the transformer, through the protective device, through the load and back through the protective device (if on RCD).  If the protective device is only a CB the current passes ... the circuit will operate correctly but this is an unsafe practice and does not meet the standards.

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Description : A 3 micro Faraday capacitor is connected closing a switch to a supply of 100 V through 1 milli ohm series resistance. Calculate 1 the time constant 2 initial charging current 3 the initial rate of ... second,after the switch has been closed 5 the time taken for the capacitor to be fully charged.

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Description : State the function of : i) MCCB ii) ELCB iii) MCB iv) Switch. 

Last Answer : i) MCB: Provide short circuit protection & over load protection to electrical loads.  ii) ELCB: Provides protection by detecting the unsafe magnitudes leakage currents flowing to earth and disconnecting ... rating.  iv) Switch: Make and break the electrical connection to the load manually.

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Description :  When The dc converter in figure shown has a resistance load of R = 10 Ω and the input voltage is Vs 220 V the converter switch remains on, its voltage drop is Vo -2 V. The chopping ... ) the RMS output voltage Vo (c) the converter efficiency (d) the effective input resistance of the converter

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Description : Explain working of pressure switch with suitable diagram. State the function of differential setting in pressure switch.

Last Answer : Pressure switch is used to turn on/off when specified pressure is reached. It consists of a pressure port and bellows. When pressure is applied, bellows expand and actuate the snap action ... pressure setting i.e. hysteresis setting. This prevents chattering of pressure switch contacts.

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Description : Describe capacitive type proximity switch with neat diagram.

Last Answer : Its a type of a switch controlled by action of storing energy and then releasing it.

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Description : Draw the symbol and state the applications of : 1) Push button switch 2) Selector switch 3) Solenoid valve 4) Limit switch

Last Answer : 1) Push Button  It is used in start-stop control circuit 2) Selector Switch : It is used to select one input out of many,  3) Solenoid valve: is used to control flow of fluid such as air, pressurized oil.  4) Limit switch: It is used to detect presence of object

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